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We at GÖZZE think sustainably


An everyday life without plastic is hardly imaginable – it surrounds us in all areas of life. Vast amounts of the plastic waste we humans produce – 8 million tons of it – end up in the earth’s oceans or lying around somewhere in nature in a variety of ways. The carelessly used shopping bag, the abandoned yogurt pot, the carelessly disposed of PET bottle – the same applies to all these products – up to 400 years pass before they are completely decomposed. So for so long they have been swimming through our oceans, destroying the natural system between birds, marine animals and ultimately humans, because polymer particles can now be detected in our drinking water.

That is, we drink our plastic waste.

Finally, still too slowly, but more and more and inexorably, the general consciousness is penetrating: this cannot go on like this!


Surely the best thing to do would be to make sure that garbage doesn’t end up in the oceans or in nature in the first place. This means collecting the waste, separating it by type and recycling it. Several product ideas have already established themselves on the market and encourage us to strive for further developments that focus on our ecological balance sheet. The primary goal should be to significantly reduce the waste of raw materials, but on the other hand to reuse and recycle the materials that are available.

Conscious use of our resources is the way to go!


We at GÖZZE also want to do our part on the subject of environmental sustainability. In addition to reducing our own waste generation, we have also
intensively with the development of new products from recycled raw materials and invested. Through the development of three fundamentally different
Products: firstly tea towels, then the terry series, as well as a cuddly blanket, we believe we have made a step in the right direction.



With your decision to purchase this series made from 100% resource-saving raw materials, you are making an important contribution to a clean environment and less plastic waste in our oceans. It was made entirely from recycled cotton and PET bottles, and yet its quality is as good as conventionally produced goods. We are proud to be the first company to launch products that send a signal against the threat of climate change through sustainability and fairness.

Master textile craftsmanship – Responsibly produced!

We remain future-oriented!

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